Meet the easiest and yet most powerful
way to make your events stand out.

Animate your designs, even simple photos and videos, using an innovative process. Export in different sizes and formats to reach your audience anywhere.

  • Export your layers from Photoshop in one click with the exporter provided. Or export them manually if you design with a different tool.
  • Animate without a timeline. No previous experience with animation tools needed!
  • Share the saved videos on any social media with the companion mobile app.

Most powerful
  • Choose between an ever-growing list of powerful effects. Create unique and authentic animations thanks to the many parameters available.
  • Use music not only as soundtrack but also as rich input for your animations. Make your layers dance assigning one of the many sound properties.
  • Reuse the same effects configuration on different flyers. Essential to create series or multiple formats.
  • Generate sophisticated results splitting your layers with the built-in functionality.
We just got started

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